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March 25, 2002

Welcome To Monterey

The Monterey County Convention & Visitors Bureau invites you to discover exciting new events, attractions and more, every time you log on. It's easy to plan your visit with usbe it a romantic getaway, a family outing, or a tour of our dramatic coastal scenery.

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Jellies: Living Art
Celebrate the Good Old Days...

As ethereal as they are unearthly, jellies are among the ocean's most unusual and diverse inhabitants. They float in a most artistic fashion....

Which is what inspired the creation of the Monterey Bay Aquarium's dazzling exhibit Jellies: Living Art, opening on April 8. The exhibit pairs human artists, including the likes of David Hockney, dancers, and poets with immense tanks of rare creatures, to dazzling effect. One of the "don't miss" events in the worlds of both art and marine science.

For more information, call 831-648-4800 or visit
Pacific Grove's 45th Annual Good Old Days weekend is an invitation to stroll back in time to those good old days of yesteryear... whether your idea of yesteryears is the 1880s, when PG first converted from tents to timber houses, or the Roaring Twenties, when those Keystone Kops first scampered across Main Street's movie screens, or the 1950s, when parades and pancake breakfasts were the essentials of any holiday.

On April 13-14, come on down to "America's Last Home Town" for a fun-filled, family-oriented weekend, complete with a firefighters' challenge, games, live music, great food, and, of course, a parade.

Phone 831-373-3304 or visit for more details.

News & Events
Spring Breaks
Don't miss our great spring values available now through May 31. Click here to view discount offers on hotels, restaurants, attractions and wineries.
Upcoming Events
Angels in the Mission concertMarch 22, Carmel, 831-624-2046.
Country Joe MacDonald "Makin' the Best of Hard Times Music"March 23, 831-775-4721.
Monterey Easter Egg HuntMarch 30, Monterey, 831-646-3866.
A Taste of Old Monterey... And All That Jazz!April 5, Monterey.
Kate Carew, CaricacturistApril 7, Monterey, 831-372-5477.
Good Old DaysApril 13-14, Pacific Grove, 831-373-3304.
Toast the Coast: 26th Monterey Wine FestApril 18-21, Monterey, 800-656-4282.

For a further description of these and other upcoming events, click here.
Steinbeck Centennial
A major retrospective and program of events celebrates the 100th anniversary of John Steinbeck's birth. Look for films, lectures and exhibitions at the National Steinbeck Center, and special offers at Monterey County hotels and attractions. Start by visiting our Calendar of Historical Festivals and Events.
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