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Travel Basics

Welcome to Monterey!

Since the 1880s, visitors have been enjoying the spectacular beauty of the Central Coast. Located between Los Angeles and San Francisco, Monterey County's dramatic ocean scenery, pristine pine forests, and historic communities continue to beckon adventure-seekers, seafarers, artists, writers and vacationers. And no other California county can boast 99 miles of breathtaking Pacific coastline.

Whether you come for our recreational activities from golf to scuba-diving, our arts and cultural events from the Carmel Bach Festival to the lively Festa Santa Rosalia, or our matchless range of art galleries, fine restaurants and wineries, Monterey County welcomes you. Families or couples, singles and groups of friends, we have something for you, year-round.

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The MCCVB's Membership

The Monterey County Convention & Visitors Bureau has a broad membership, including firms providing business and professional servicessuch as architects, law firms and accountantsabove and beyond those serving visitors. Click here on Services to reach listings outside the Visitor section of this site.