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Activities and Events

There are more than 200 events, performances and festivals throughout the year in Monterey County, attracting thousands of people all year. Many come to enjoy the exhibitions and events that run continuously year round. The largest weekly event in California is right here in Monterey: the Old Monterey Market Place is a colorful experience of super-fresh produce, local crafts, and tantalizing smells that's held rain or shine, every Tuesday.

Annual festivals honor the artichoke, the "stinking rose" (aka garlic), and squid. Produce- and wine-lovers gather to celebrate their favorite harvest with cooking contests, music and fun. Golf tournaments, rodeos, races and air shows attract sports enthusiasts. The diverse population of Monterey County provides an opportunity to enjoy the food and customs of the cultures who have made this their home through festivals. Check local listings in the newspaper or guidebook for detailed information about festivals in the area.

Did You Know?
The Obon Festival, celebrated between mid-July and mid-August, is one of the most important and colorful Japanese Buddhist festivals. It began in the 7th century as a day of honoring the dead with food, flowers and the burning of incense. Red lanterns and dancing around the bonodori or tower are part of this community celebration.

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The 2002 calendars of events you'll find on our website are always susceptible to last-minute additions and changes, especially as we progress through the year (some smaller organizations can rarely be sure of event dates six months or more away). All events can be found on the annual calendar (click above), or displayed throughout the site according to type of event (music, sports, historical, family, etc.).