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Monterey County Cities and Regions

Monterey County is a study in contrasts. From its dramatic coastline to its fertile farmland, from its stunning beaches to its sun-kissed valleys, from its Victorian houses to its vibrant wharf, Monterey offers the visitor a wealth of experiences. Artists and writers have painted, photographed and written about its breathtaking cliffs and agriculturally rich valleysvalleys that supply fresh veg and salad greens to the entire nation. Monterey abounds with a variety of fascinating sea and land creatures as well.

Year-round, outdoor activities vie with cultural events, farmer's markets and luxury resorts for the visitor's attention. A tour of Monterey's flourishing wineries is a pleasantly visual and gustatory experience. The people of Monterey County have a diverse and lively past.

Come and explore the contrasts of Monterey, "one of the most beautiful meetings of land and sea in the world."




Big Sur Pacific Grove Salinas Valley
Carmel-by-the-Sea Monterey North County
Carmel Valley Cannery Row South County
Pebble Beach Fisherman's Wharf  
  Seaside and Sand City  
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