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Historic Monterey

The history of Monterey is part of its charm. Throughout the county, the story of Monterey's rich heritage is writ large in its adobes, gardens, mission bells, and lighthouses. Monterey is the most historic city in California, and the allure of the area continues to enthrall writers, artists and retreat seekers. You can explore the history of Monterey County through guided or self-guided tours.
Check out the Monterey State Historic Park web site for details on Monterey's many historical attractions, or click here to read more about the history of the area.

Sweet Thursday Talks on Cannery Row

Every Picture Tells a Story

You can delve a little deeper into the history of Cannery Row by setting aside the third Thursday of each month for the special lectures given in Hopkins Marine Station's auditorium. Also, don't miss the Monterey Bay Aquarium's special exhibit, "Steinbeck and Ricketts: A Friendship Celebrated."

May 16Dennis Copeland, of the Monterey Public Library, opens the vaults to discuss "The Ed Ricketts Collection."
June 20Hear about shipwrecks and sea monsters in "Tales and Treasures of Old Monterey."

Talks begin at 6pm. More information on the web site at

Especially if it was taken by Dorothea Lange, one of America's greatest documentary photographers. Her black-and-white images captured the harsh realities of the Great Depression and the Okie Dust Bowl migrationsand changed the way people reacted to the poor, the homeless or the migrant farm worker. The National Steinbeck Center hosts a special exhibit of Lange's photographs, entitled 'Human Documents'. It includes some of her most famous imagesincluding 'Migrant Mother' and 'White Angel Breadline'. The show closes on April 7 with a special Kids and Art Day.

More information is available at, or by phoning 831-775-4724.

Just Opened:
The historic Presidio of Monterey now offers visitors a glimpse into Monterey’s colorful and active past, at the newly opened Presidio of Monterey Museum. Displays and artifacts chronicle Monterey life from the Native American settlement, through Spanish, Mexican and American leadership. Open Thursday through Sunday, the museum is housed on the historic Presidio grounds overlooking Monterey Bay, now home to the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center. Entrance to the museum is through Private Bolio Gate only.

Dorothea Lange, American Photographer (1895-1965)
White Angel Bread Line, 1933
Copyright the Dorothea Lange Collection, Oakland Museum of
California. Gift of Paul S. Taylor

Did You Know?
The Old Monterey Jail was built in 1854. Sitting behind Colton Hall, it served as the city jail until 1956. Its claim to fame: no one ever escaped during its history! Open daily.

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