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Fly Monterey

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New Air Service

Enjoy NEW non-stop service to/from Denver and Las Vegas beginning this June. Daily flights to Denver begin on June 7. United Express Regional Jets depart from Monterey at 6 a.m. arriving 9:25 a.m., and depart from Denver at 5:15 p.m. arriving Monterey at 6:55 p.m.

Beginning June 17, fly non-stop to/from Las Vegas on America West. Daily departures leave from Monterey at 1:40 p.m., arriving in Las Vegas at 3:05 p.m. Return flights leave Las Vegas at 11:41 a.m., arriving in Monterey at 1:01 p.m.

More on Getting Here and Ground Transportation >

New! Direct flights to Denver and Las Vegas!

Fly Monterey

airlinerThe Monterey Peninsula Airport offers the convenience and a no-hassle experience of a small friendly airport. Boarding time and security checks are quick and efficient and long term parking is just a few steps away. Enjoy the ease of flying into and out of Monterey (MRY) on more than 40 daily flights.

Beginning in June, FLY DIRECT TO MONTEREY FROM DENVER AND LAS VEGAS with new service from United Express and America West. New direct flights to Salt Lake City on Delta's Skywest begin July 31!

Monterey Peninsula Airport Flight Schedule
Effective April, 2005

Non-stop Flights:
SFO - San Francisco, CA (United Express, American Eagle)
LAX - Los Angeles, CA (American Eagle)
PHX - Phoenix, AZ (America West Express)

(Beginning in June)
DEN – Denver, CO (United Express)
LAS – Las Vegas, NV (America West Express)

(Beginning in July)
SLC – Salt Lake City, UT (Delta Connection)


Departure at Gate 7

Flight # City Time Frequency
6088 SFO 8:26am Saturday
6225 LAX 9:11am Daily
6089 SFO 10:02am Daily
6231 LAX 10:33am Daily
6428 SFO 12:17pm Daily
6091 LAX 1:06pm Daily
6259 SFO 1:54pm Daily
6093 LAX 2:55pm Daily
6227 SFO 4:34pm Daily
6094 LAX 5:17pm Daily
6229 SFO 6:39pm Daily
6709 * DEN 6:55pm Daily *
6095 LAX 7:38pm Daily
6247 SFO 9:09pm Daily
6456 SFO 10:57pm Daily
6097 LAX 11:33pm Daily
Flight # City Time Frequency
6732 * DEN 6:00am Daily *
6459 SFO 6:00am Daily
6139 LAX 6:30am Daily
6221 SFO 7:09am Saturday
6088 LAX 8:45am Daily
6225 SFO 9:38am Daily
6089 LAX 10:20am Daily
6231 SFO 10:48am Daily
6429 SFO 12:47pm Daily
6091 LAX 1:38pm Daily
6226 SFO 2:25pm Daily
6093 LAX 3:55pm Daily
6227 SFO 4:52pm Daily
6094 LAX 5:35pm Daily
6229 SFO 6:55pm Daily
6095 LAX 7:55pm Daily

* Service begins June 7


Departure at Gate 6

Flight # City Time Frequency
3049 LAX 9:27am Saturday
3025 LAX 11:57am Daily
3027 LAX 3:06pm Daily
3078 LAX 5:25pm Daily
3031 LAX 8:17pm Daily
Flight # City Time Frequency
3026 LAX 6:40am Daily
3048 LAX 10:05am Saturday
3028 LAX 12:30pm Daily
3030 LAX 3:33pm Daily
3032 LAX 5:52pm Daily

Operated by Mesa

Departure at Gate 4

Flight # City Time Frequency
6132 PHX 12:04pm Daily
6133 * LAS 1:01pm Daily *
6138 PHX 9:15pm Daily
Flight # City Time Frequency
6087 PHX 6:30am Daily
6168 PHX 12:35pm Daily
6680 * LAS 1:40pm Daily *

* Service begins June 17


Flight # City Time Frequency
tba * SLC 12:15pm Daily *
tba * SLC 9:15pm Daily *
Flight # City Time Frequency
tba * SLC 6:20am Daily *
tba * SLC 1:00pm Daily *

* Service begins July 31

Flight information provided by Monterey Peninsula Airport. Flight Schedule is general information only and subject to change. Schedules are updated monthly and can change daily. Please contact your Airline or local travel agent.

Fly Monterey

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